Monday, 9 September 2013

Panormos, Crete (5)


...and the sun is shining again so it's back to the beach.

This building looks as if it has seen better days..

...plaque says 1921.

Wonderful simple window detail.

Down by the harbour looking at the fish


...birthday boy.

Siesta time so we walked back via the bakery for fresh bread and pastries.

Birthday boy again.

Just after we'd finished lunch, the owner of the apartments knocked on our door bring a birthday present from her - olive oil, raki and honey

Then it was a slow walk back thoough the nrrow streets to the beach.

Those beautiful Bougainvillea catching the sun as we walked home again.

Evening meal was at Porto Parasiris Taverna which overlooked the harbour. The waiter was proud to tell us that they had featured in a write up in The Times (the cutting was displayed on the bar!)

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