Saturday, 7 September 2013

Panormos, Crete (4)


It's cloudy!   Still hot and humid but no sun so we decided to go for a walk which according to the guide book, ends up at a river with Terrapins : 'The Terrapin Walk'.

If you fancy investing in the local housing market, this is available just across the road from where we are staying.

Our walk took us out of the village, south under the main road and into olive oil land. Figs were growing alongside the path.

A little way up the path and we reached the largest remains of early Christian worship in Crete - St Sophia, which dates from the 5th century.

By now we were walking past Olive Groves (all with irrigation). This was an old tree that had been left by the side of the path.

Under the trees was a group of goats.

A little further we came across beetroot, onions and then tomatoes with (we think, pomegranate trees)

Finally we came to the river. A bit of a disapointment - this being the end of a long dry summer there was not a lot of water. What there was was stagnent, had rubish in it and, whilst we did see a terrapin, it was busily eating from the carcus of a dead goat - I will spare you the photo.

We spent the afternoon by the pool...

......and after shopping for a wonderful present for my cousin, we went to George and Georgia, the nearest Taverna to our apartment.

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