Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Panormos, Crete (6)


A change today - blue sky, sunshine but quite windy. I was up early (7:30) as I now knew the way to the end of the headland and I wanted to take a picture of the village as the sun first broke over it.
The path was a little dusty as it made its way up a valley to the top.

This was the view of the furthest point north I was going to venture to (the path became a goat track which I did not fancy following).

I was able to see further up the coast but as this was eastwards it was directly into the sun.

A few more views from the high point.

Return journey and views down the valley.

Looking back from where I had been.

The harbour at Panormos - note the white tops to the waves - something we hadn't seen before.

The Church of StGeorge and of the Assumption.

The headland walk starts near the cemetery of Ag Nikolas above the town.

This is the view of the harbour and beyond which features in the sunset photos from last Friday evening.

Back into the village....

...and a quick visit to the harbour looking across to the headland where I had just been.

A different view of the church....

... and a couple of buildings near our apartments.

After breakfast we headed for the beach but no swimming today - the sea was much too rough - more like Cornish surf but warmer!

One man braves the waves.

Last meal in a Taverna - I had fish with the head on (two brave things in one day!)

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