Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Graduate

Degrees at Oxford are not automatically conferred on the successful completion of a course and certificates are not issued by the University until after the formal conferment at a ceremony. This year's Graduation Celebration and Lunch for New College Undergraduate Finalists and Guests was held last Friday (28 September). Whilst the new graduates put on their sub fusc, BA gown and hood guests could have coffee in the marquee by Holywell Lodge.

The formal part of the celebration took place in the Chapel.

Once guests were seated, the new graduates processed into the Chapel led by the Dean of Arts followed by the Warden (Professor Sir Curtis Price) and Fellows. After a welcome by the Warden, the new graduates were called forward to be presented to the Warden and Sub-Warden.

This ghostly apparition was the best I could manage in the way of a photographic record.....

After a valedictory address by one of the graduates, the ceremony ended and it was time for photos. These were taken at the entrance to the gardens.

Proud parents in the Garden Quadrangle.

Making our way towards the Front Quad - the second group of graduates assembling before their ceremony (we were in the first group).

The Front Quad with the Muniment Tower (where the college records are kept) behind on the left and the Founder's Library on the first floor to the right (where we were to have lunch later).

Back to the Holywell Quad (where the Marquee was) for more pictures while we waited for the second group to finish.

Once all the formalities were over, we all moved to the Cloisters for the drinks reception. Here the degree certificates could be collected and more photos could be taken.

The rain which had been faling now stopped and we could spread out onto the grass.  The tree, dating from the 19th century, is now known just as the 'Harry Potter Tree', following its appearance in a scene in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire".

Someone's happy...

...another Mother in organising mode...

...although it is questionable how successful she was.

Shortly after this the bell rang and we went to lunch. Most ate in the hall but we were in the small but more comfortable Founders Library.

The view from the Founders Library across the Front Quad with the Chapel on the right.

After lunch there was a chance for a few more photos before the hired gown was returned; this time in front of the New Buildings on Holywell Street.

Walking back to the car we passed the Half Moon - which someone frequented occasionally.

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