Sunday, 23 September 2012


A day out last Friday to Thruxton for Sue's Porsche Cayman 'Driving Experience' stared witha visit to Fleet Services for a Geograph opertunity for me.

We then stopped off to briefly explore Thruxton village (and look for a pub for lunch). St Peter & St Paul's Church, Thruxton. The walls and roof of the nave and chancel are 13th century. However the church has undergone many changes in its history. A tower was added in the 17th century but the current tower was rebuilt in 1801 The external stonework of nave and chancel was thoroughly renewed in 1869, and the walls are faced with flint.

The chancel was built a little after the nave (and may have been re-built in the 215tyh century) and as the photo below shows, is askew to the nave. This is normally attributed to the fact that Christ's head is always shown leaning to the left on crucifix's but may also be due to poor planning of the chancel extension.

Enough of the church, now for the race track. Quite a grand entrance:

The view of the pit lane garages from the presentation platform (English Heritage thinks they are of historical imterest!). Thruxton circuit the fastest in the country with several high speed corners. It is also one of the longest in the UK at 2.4 miles per lap

You can get various cars to drive including the Lamborghini Aventador

While Sue got into the passenger seat of her Porsche Cayman for two laps with the instructor...

...I made my way to the otherside of the track by the Air traffic Control Tower. The tower and airfield are still in use today. The airfield was used as an operational fighter station during World War Two. The grassy bank by the tower is now the ideal place to view 'Club Chicane' , the slowest part of the circuit and the best place for photos.

Sue behind the wheel at the chicane...

...and coming down the pit straight at the end of her laps.

Three laps is just enough to make you wantto come back for more!

For £145 you can be driven round the track by three times by Tiff Needell in his BMW M3 (V8 engine with 420bhp).

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