Thursday, 2 December 2010

More Snow!

Lets go out in the dark last night and build a ramp to snow booard (well old skate board without wheels but with candle wax to make it slippy) - I wonder why someone has woken with a cold this morning!

View from house this morning.

View of the chicken house this morning.

The pond (it is there, honestly)

Matthew's ramp with overnight snow

Skye is still enjoying the snow

It's beginning to get a bit deep for my legs!

10 inches (measured)by the pond

You can see the depth of snow on the shed roof

looking back to the house

A fine display of icicles on next door's bedroom window

The lock to the side gate was frozen

View from the side gate - we are not going anywhere by car

Skye enjoys some 'off lead' freedom

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