Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Proper Snow - the sort that isn't fun when you have to travel

Yesterday I failed to get home - instead I stayed with friends in Fleet. Today I left work today at 11:45, got to Victoria Station at noon, finally got a train to Gatwick at 12:45, got stuck at Purley Oaks for 20mins as a train had broken down in front of mine and finally got to Gatwick at 2pm.

This is the view looking towards Gatwick Railway Station.

South Terminal Gatwick Airport - nothing is moving

The long walk home from Gatwick alongside the railway line

A large expanse of snow on the roundabout on the 'Garden' Estate

Despite the parcity of decorations the town centre looks quite seasonal

The best Florist in Horley (until yesterday when the owner sold the business!)

The War Memorial with the wreaths from Remembrance Sunday still in place

The park looks quite picturesque

Walking down the road this dog came running towards me

Home - this is the cleanest Mavis the car has looked for a long time.

The raised pond is partially frozen

Unhappy chickens...

...but a very happy dog

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