Saturday, 13 November 2010

Evensong at New Chapel and an Atomic Burger

We visited Oxford yesterday to listen to Evensong in the Chapel at New College.

New College Choir was created by William of Wykeham - when he founded New College at Oxford. He provided for sixteen choristers, and clerks to sing the daily office in his chapel.

Irrespective of your religous beliefs, choral msuic performed at this level is wonderful to hear.

Choral services take place most evenings during the eight weeks of University Term.

Much more about the Choir can be found at and

After the services we walked out of the centre of Oxford and along the Cowley Roard for a meal at

Not a very good photo unfortunatly but a very good burger set amongs 1960's to 1980's toys and children's TV characters - a real trip down memory lane although it is suprising how many have stood the test of time and reappeared in the last 10 years.

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