Friday, 6 September 2013

Panormos Crete (2)


Today we took a trip on 'The Little Train' - a bit tacky but a good way to see the local sites

We headed inland a few miles, past olive goves with mountains in the distance.

First stop was The Paraschakis family olive oil factory. Although this is a modern olive oil factory where every olive harvest produces about approximately 400 tons of olive oil, the area has been growing olive trees for centuries.

In case you didn't beleave me - this is the Little Train at the Olive Factory.

We were able to see some of the hand and animal (donkey) operated grinding wheels and presses. For more see

Next stop was the 'traditional' village of Melidoni which dates from the 14th century.
 This is the main square.

The church was quite impressive.

This door seemed to sum up the simple arcitecture of the village (and elsewhere on Crete).

The final stop on this journey was in the hills above Melidoni - the Caves also known as Gerontospilio. This is the view across the valley from the cave entrance.

The village of Melidoni (via zoom lens)

The cave has been inhabited since the Neolithic years and was a place of worship during the ancient times. The cave has many stalactites and stalagmites.

During the Turkish occupation in 1824, 370 people were killed by Turks, inside the cave, after refusing to surrender peacefully.

Evening time and another great sunset (this time viewed from the headland to the east of Panormos).

Starter tonight was fresh calamari - yum yum!

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