Saturday, 9 July 2016

Gnomes , a phone box and Lavender

This is mainly about Lavender and the wonderful Mayfield Lavender Field in Banstead.

Two sites actually, the 25 acres of lavender at Carshalton Road and the nursery on Reigate Road in Ewell.

The fields are very impressive - at the moment the  English Lavender 'Folgate' is in flower:

Lots of people there - many taking photos -

- one of the quirky attractions is a phone box:

There is also a Café in the middle of the field where lavender based drinks and snacks can be purchased:

And yes I had to have my photo taken

We then went on to the second site - the plant shop and nursery -

equally quirky -

 - with a wonderful set of Gnomes!

Well worth a visit.

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