Sunday, 17 May 2015

May Flowers

I took Skye our for a walk in the May sunshine and she enjoyed a god run through the fields of wild flowers and grasses.

 The buttercups were as good as I have ever seen..

Being May the  hawthorn was also at it's peak.

The most common folk name  for the Hawthorn is the May Tree. The may blossom appears on the tree at the beginning of May in the south of England, at the time of the Beltane or May Day celebrations, when people and houses were decked with may blossoms ("bringing home the May"). The popular rhyme "Here we go gathering nuts in May" is thought to have been sung by the young men, gathering not "nuts" (which do not grow in May) but "knots" of may blossoms for the May Day Celebrations. These celebrations included a May Queen, representing the Goddess, and a Green May, representing the God and the spirit of the new vegetation.whitedragon article about hawthorn

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