Sunday, 22 March 2015

Penzance....Eclipse Time

A brief trip to Penzance for work meant I was there on the morning of the partial eclipse.

The previous evening I managed a short walk along Wharf Road (seen below with St Mary's church  on the horizon - a church has stood on this headland since the 12th Century.  The present church was built in 1895 ; the tower  acting as a Waymark to the sea faring community.)

…and then along footpath from Penzance to Marizion… …

... looking back to see the outline of Penzance in the haze of the setting sun.

 I could not resist going down to the sea – one of the famous Cornish vistas – St Michael’s Mount.

 ...with Cornish Gig in the foreground

Two views back to Penzance from the shoreline.

The following day I was lucky enough to be outside on Wharf Road. The sky was hazy with some cloud but at 5 past 8 the sun was trying to come out over the harbour,

The following pictures were taken as the eclipse started whilst it was still hazy -  at 08:43

…at 08:54

…at 09:05

…and at 09:12

Unfortunately the haze then went and the sun was to bright to look at. Peak eclipse (85%) was about 10 minutes later.

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