Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Sheffield Park

Last Sunday the weather was still mild so we went for a walk around Sheffield Park (midway between East Grinstead and Lewes).

This is an informal landscape garden set around a series of hand dug, clay lined lakes. It was was laid out in the 18th century by 'Capability' Brown and further developed in the early years of the 20th century by its owner, Arthur G. Soames. The gardens are now owned by the National Trust. They are especially famous for their autumn colour display - we were a little early although a few trees were beginning to turn.

The first views are across the top lake (called the 'Ten foot pond') to Sheffield Park House, a gothic country house, which is still in private ownership.

After Ten foot Pond comes 'Middle Lake'.

The bottom two lakes are called 'Lower Womans Way Pond and 'Upper Womans Way Pond'. - this is a view across the latter.

Finally back up to the house and a view back down Ten Foot Pond.

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