Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Spring Bank Holiday in the Garden

Weather was good so a chance to tidy the garden. The rockery by the fish pond looks good at the moment.

Wandering down the path was our weekend guest - Smudge.

Our latest addition  -  the Cornish Garden with Celtic Cross and Tree Fern.

Early days but this will eventually be a Cornish Engine House ruin for the Cornish year perhaps!

The Chelsea Flower Show celebrated its centenary a few weeks ago and allowed Garden Gnomes a week in the sun (for the first and last time) so I decided it was time to get mine out after the winter break.

The gunnera by the wildlife pond is finally showing some growth after the cold spring.

In the shallow water there are hundreds of tadpoles!.........

.............there is also an awful lot of duckweed.

Another unwelcome guest, this time on the lawn.

Also on the lawn ; Skye and Smudge (who is deaf, which was entertaining at times)

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