Sunday, 12 May 2013

Cowpie Time

Surrey Young Farmers 

"Cowpie Country Show"

12th May 2013

Cowpie Show Ground, Wellhouse Lane, 

Betchworth, Dorking

The show was cancelled last year because of the rain but this year it went ahead in sunshine. A nice mixture of animals, old cars and craft stalls. How could you not like a dwarf goat!

 There was also a one man band wandering around.

There were quite a few classic cars - these were my favourites


'Henfold Birds of Prey' from Beare Green just south of Dorking, were also very impressive.

A harrier hawk:

A kestral:

A barn owl:
A european owl
There was also the Country show favourite of terrier racing - the're off!

The headline act in the main arena was a moter cycle stunt rider:

The final stand that caught our eye was a collection of sheep (which we thought at first were stuffed but were actually alive and waiting to be sheared!).

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