Friday, 24 February 2012

View from the top...

...of 1 Kemble Street off Kingsway in London. The building comprises a 141,936 sq ft circular office tower, over 15 floors. it was designed by R. Seifert & Partners and completed in the mid 1960's. Pre-cast concrete cruciform panels clad and define building, much in the same way as Seifert's Centre Point. His signature Y-beams are also highly visible around the base of the building.

Just as with Centre Point, the view from the top is quite amazing and I was lucky enough to be there as Spring arrived. For starters here is Centre Point at the junction of Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street.

The Shard at London Bridge in the distance.....
.......and close up.

As usual St Paul's stands out against the taller buildings of the 'Square Mile'.

The River Thames with The Wheel and the Houses of Parliament.

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