Friday, 3 February 2012

Ship in a Bottle.......or not!

'Nelson's Ship in a Bottle has been unveiled as the new occupant of the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square.Yinka Shonibare said his version of HMS Victory with its textile sails with African and batik prints reflects the multicultural and diverse capital.The scale replica will commemorate the Battle of Trafalgar and 50th anniversary of Nigerian independence, where the artist grew up.HMS Victory, will be in place for 18 months.' So said the BBC website on 24 May 2010.'

Do the sums May 2010 + 18 months =... So when I went to Trafalgar Square today to see it - No bottle.

Oh well there were plenty of other things to see starting with St Martin in the Field.  The present church was designed by James Gibbs and completed in 1726. As it's website says 'It has become one of the most significant ecclesiastical buildings in the English-speaking world'.

The spire of of St Martin’s rises 192 feet above the level of the church floor.


Another reason for going to Trafalgar Square was to see the 2012 Olympic Countdown Clock.

The fountains were covered in icicles - it has been a bit chilly in London today.

Back in 2000, London’s Mayor Ken Livingstone declared war on Trafalgar Square’s world famous pigeons.  He banned the traditional sale of corn on the Square in an attempt to starve the flock.  Instead, STTSP was born. (Save The Trafalgar Square Pigeons)

An interesting dome on top of Canada House, north side of Trafalgar Square 

Noy really Trafalgar Square but a view down the river from Charing Cross railway bridge - The Shard keeps growing (left han side of photo)

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