Sunday, 9 October 2011

London Zoo

Firm's outing to London Zoo - probably the last time I want to go to a zoo - no matter how much good work they do - I am yet to be convinced the animals, especially the large ones, are happy there.

Anyway a few pictures...firstly a dozy pelican.

Squirrel Monkey – you could walk in the enclosure with these – very cute but very fast moving hence the poor picture quality.

Okapi – part zebra, part horse with a giraffe like head

Sad site - Lion alone – there were sadder sites especially a bored looking gorilla and other big cats pacing up and down.

The giraffe enclosure also seemed small.

Dromedary camels in the old Grade II listed Elephant House (thankfully the elephants are now at Whipsnade).

It wouldn’t be Sandberg with out a bit of spalled concrete and exposed reinforcing steel!

Best two pictures of the day – Meercat sentry ..

…and emu waking up.

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