Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Kitchen - Part 1

As well as the fence, we have a second project - the Kitchen (larger and considerably more expensive than the fence!)

At one end of the kitchen is a large fireplace (original surround) with an old gas fire. We kew from explorations a couple of years ago by Mr Wiggley (AKA Bob from work with a videoscope) that there was a brick arch behing the gas fire...

... so out with the gas fire and a very impressive fireplace is revealed (this is the cleaned up version minus the late pidgeon).

It still needs many years soot and grime removing so we have built a tent to keep the dust under control.

Skye had to investigate...

The Kitchen before anything happens with the delightful units we inherited thirteen years ago.

The Kitchen today with the fridge freezer moved from the far end so we could lift the floor covering.

Why did we want to move the floor covering - to let the floor dry out before a DPC is installed. Skye is not amused - her bed has had to be moved.

To be continued....

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