Monday, 5 July 2010

Monty's first trip to the Midlands

Monty (or ‘GB’ as someone else has nicknamed him) came with us on our trip to the Midlands.

Unfortunatly we forgot to take him into Chipping Norton but took this photo when we got back to the car park. Breakfast had been a long time ago so we hadn’t been able to resist Nash’ Bakery!

On Saturday afternoon we went for a walk by Trimpley Reservoir and the River Severn in Worcestershire. Monty admired the view from the car park.

Monty then went to play in the garden, first at Stephanie’s on the frog.....

... and then by Grandad’s rabbit.....

..... and windmill (the sails were going round so it was a bit hit and miss whether we could see Monty).

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