Friday, 4 June 2010

A stroll along the Grand Union Canal

I had to go to a meeting in Hemel Hempstead today but the start time was put back so I was able to walk along the Grand Union Canal fron Hemel Hempstead Station to Aspley (about 1.5 miles - and very pleasent it was too!)

After our experience in the garden with the heron, I wasn't too sure about seeing another - but they are magnificent birds.

The river which runs adjacent to the canal - lots of horses having a good time in the sunshine.

The bridge at 'Two Waters Meet' looking very picturesque with the Canada Geese sunning themselves and the swans swanning about.

This footbridge by a lock takes the towpath from the south side to the north side of the canal.

The lock at Aspley. The bridge in the photo above can just be seen in the distance.

The new footbridge by near the Aspley Marina

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