Wednesday, 9 June 2010


I took this picture in September 2009 of St Paul’s Church in Hammersmith under a shroud for refurbishment.

I had to go to Hammersmith again this morning and the cover has gone to reveal the church. The building is in the Early English Gothic style (The architect was John Pollard Sedden but much of the work was carried out by his assistant, H.R. Gough. The nave was consecrated 13th October 1883).

Landmark house, Hammersmith, with office space to let. This was once the home of the British Tourist Authority (now branded 'Visit Brirtain')

The reason for going to Hammersmith was to visit the Hammersmith Apollo - not at all impressive from the outside! It was designed by Robert Cromie in the Art Deco style and looks a lot better inside than it does from the ouside.

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  1. Nice church. I've been to the Apollo :-)