Saturday, 8 May 2010

Goldfish & Heron RIP

When I came back from my walk with Skye this afternoon , I was greeted by the news that a Heron had just visited the raised pond and helped itself to our goldfish. Despite a good look around none of them could be seen.

An hour later when I went up the garden I found the heron in the vegetable patch but it flew off as I approached.

After tea, Sue went up the garden and found the heron on the lawn not moving. As she approached it , the bird got up and struggled to the path by the green house where it collapsed again. She called the RSPCA who came out within an hour.

After covering its head with a blanket we were able to see the bird only had one leg and was actually quite thin. The lady from the RSPCA decided the best thing for it was to put the bird down.

A sad story but with one glimmer of hope at the end. When we looked at the raised pond again we think we have seen two, possibly three fish at the bottom.

Sorry no photos of the heron - but if you look closely below there is possibly two fish near the bottom of the picture.

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  1. Correction: there *are* two fish.

    Did you bury the heron?