Thursday, 22 April 2010

A walk through Battersea Park

I have worked a couple of miles away from Battersea Park for over 25 years but have never been there. A morning meeting at Fosters Riverside finally gave me the opportunity. Fosters is an awkward place to get to from Clapham (long smelly bus ride) so by working at Victoria first and then a short train journey I have been able to walk through the park without spending any more time on the journey (honest).

First up a Barbara Hepworth sculpture ‘Single Form ‘ 1961-62 dedicated to Dag Hammarskjold. This sort of thing doesn’t normally do anything for me but in this setting on a nice sunny day it does seem to be the right thing in the right place. There is also a Henry Moore sculpture somewhere but I missed that.

Lots of ducks on the lake as well as a heron that flew over my head before it landed.

No park would be complete with out a little formal bedding.

A very peaceful scene of the footbridge

The park also has a number of War Memorials; the most visible is the Sculpture by Kennington, to commemorate the 24th London Division

This one is to remember the ANZAC forces in the Gallipoli Campaign during 1915 in WW1

The Peace Pagoda by the river was very impressive.

From the park you get a good view of the beautiful Albert Bridge (which is causing a lot of problems at the moment as it is shut for repairs).

Someone was more interested in the fishing prospects (I’m told it’s a cormorant).

The end of my journey – Albion Riverside by on the south side of the river by Battersea Bridge. Fosters is the building on the left.

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  1. Thanks. I've just been on a short walk in Battersea Park on a sunny 2 June 2010 and enjoyed the warmth as I laid my hand on the Hepworth sculpture.